About Us

Hellooo, we are 12 students college of Dipenogoro University majoring Urban adnd Regional Planning. There are Rosmarry, Ikfi M, Imam, Annisa, Aninda, Ratna, Nastiti, Roofy, Isnaeni, Doddy, Armianto, Ricko, and Ananto. This blog was created to fulfill the task subjects of “Studio Proses Perencanaan”. That is the most important course in Urban and Regional Planning. At this blog you can read our projects from beginning to the end. It’s easy way to see the process of making our task where it will be updated every week.

This blog will be filled by all about Planning Process of Jepara. So you can surf all the information in this blog about housing problem, city facilities, transportation model, Economic development, urban design, and community development. In the end of this course we wil present you our recomendation for planning in Jepara.

Keep watching our Blog and Got many information you need! 🙂

Read it, Enjoy it!

–Best Regards From Us–


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